After Han Sanjiang learned about the situation,Just say:“start from tomorrow,We don’t want their raw materials,We own raw material factory,To sign a contract with a mineral sand company!I’ll go to You Sanmin and Gong Xuanqun first,Say hello to them,Tell them to lower the price,Restore the original price!”

Mu Chunfeng asked:“What do Jiang Yuanqiao and I do??” Han Sanjiang smiled,Just say:“You and Jiang Yuanqiao are not afraid to offend people,To deal with those

Kill the monster,This is obviously due to the sequelae caused by the war that concerns the survival of the entire human race.,The performance of royal power and wealth,Without humiliating the sword,The prestige of the royal family。

“Is this a cause and effect??So many disasters?It seems that this so-called city of heaven,It’s like a dangerous place。” Monkey King said in surprise,He just

“Good good,Not fierce,Not fierce,Wife,Sorry,I’m wrong,good or not,Look at our little Feifei,Grown up yet?Come,Xiao Feifei called Dad?”Han Sanjiang changed the subject,Lest you have to fight。

At this moment,Wang Xiangquan came over,Saw son-in-law coming,Shouted with a smile:“Sanjiang is coming,Just returned from a foreign country!” Wang Ling’er saw his father came out,Not